I have decided to start writing a blog. I think I’m about ten years late to the party. It’s new for me, but it seems like blogs are a dime a dozen nowadays. Standing out in this vast landscape is a hard thing to do.

Then again, I’m not sure I need to stand out.

Content-wise, I’ve got a plan. For now, we’ll be discussing software, and its development, in the context of the FIRST Robotics Competition. A few other musings here and there, on leadership and life in general.

In particular, I want to try a bottom-up approach to teaching software here. I’ve seen a top-down that starts with Python, discussing syntax and jumps right into small projects. I think this is great for getting up and running quickly, but can miss lots of the subtle details that drive why things are the way they are. Bottom up isn’t required, but it provides a much better base for digging deep into concepts.

I’ve hoping to document things that I know, and things that I think, in the hopes others will benefit from them. There’s little that will be brand new here. Indeed, most of the knowledge I have came from others before me. Perhaps a new spin here or there, but nothing groundbreaking.

Again though, groundbreaking isn’t what you have to be all the time.

The material won’t be absolute basics - I want to dive a bit deeper. If this is the middle of build season, and you’re looking for “how do I make this thing move”, this resource probably won’t be all that helpful. Something like the Compass Alliance or similar might be a better resource for you.

Take some time to dig into these topics, it’s well worth the adventure.

Warmest greetings and welcome! However you have found your way here, thank you for reading!

Next Steps - Where are we going?

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